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Mastering the Art of Manliness: A Complete Guide to Grooming for The Bearded Modern Men.

Updated: Feb 8

"Grooming is the secret to real elegance" - Christian Dior

Good grooming and hygiene are essential. It’s never too early to start being concerned about your appearance.

It is essential to treat your hair with care, including your beard. With beards becoming more popular, it is important to focus on their health and appearance. If you are still learning how to maintain your beard properly, Oxylux can help you achieve a clean and healthy beard. It is crucial to understand the importance of taking care of your beard, and this starts with knowing why it is necessary to do so.

  • A clean beard prevents you from looking haggard and unattractive

  • A well-kept beard makes you look professional.

  •  A properly maintained beard may become a personality trait in itself.

  • Your skin and beard remain healthy with regular maintenance and care.

  • It keeps the beard from becoming itchy and gets rid of dandruff.

  •  Gives you more self-confidence.

  • Your beard will remain strong and healthy for many years if you take good care of it.

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The process of beard growth might be difficult and there are instances when it could be tempting to cut costs. There are certain products you should stay away from using. It's a well-known truth that using hair shampoo or body wash to wash a beard can be harmful for a variety of reasons. #Grooming #BeardCare #Beardoil #antiitch #antidandruff #groomingproducts #beardoil

Do you know your regular shampoo, body washes and shampoos are causing you dandruff?

Despite the fact that your beard is typically thicker than the hair on your head, it's important to note that beard wash or shampoo should actually be milder than regular shampoo. This is mainly due to the fact that the skin on your face is more sensitive than your scalp and can't handle harsh formulas. Using regular shampoo, body wash, or other soaps not specifically designed for beards is not recommended since they can be too abrasive for the delicate skin on your face.

Continuously using hair shampoo on your beard can lead to various problems, such as beard dandruff, dry skin, and split ends. The chemicals in hair shampoo can compromise the integrity of the hair follicles and strip away the beard's natural protection, leading to damage that may not be immediately visible. In contrast to using regular hair wash, beard wash benefits your facial hair in numerous ways by being more gentle and formulated with natural botanical compounds that soothe and protect the sensitive skin on your face.

Beard wash is specifically designed to be gentle on the delicate hair on your face, while still being powerful enough to remove excess oils without overly drying out your beard or facial skin. It's made with the sensitivity of facial skin in mind and formulated to ensure that it doesn't remove too much of the skin's natural sebum. Using beard wash instead of regular hair wash can help lower the risk of developing beard dandruff and beard itch, and also help prevent split ends and breakages. #Beardwash #facewash

Solution to dandruff? Brushing your beard helps spread oil on your skin

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What you should look out for when shopping for beard washes

The most crucial step in selecting your beard wash is to check the ingredients. You can easily find this information on the label of the shampoo bottle. It's recommended to avoid chemical substances like silica, alcohol, and sulphates, which can be harsh and cause dryness, itching, or rashes on your skin. Instead, a gentle shampoo made of organic ingredients should be your top choice. Optimal results can be achieved by selecting a shampoo or conditioner that takes into account the different types of hair, as the results may vary depending on the type of hair. Additionally, using beard oils is equally important as they promote beard strength and growth, while also maintaining and enhancing its appearance. Oils moisturize both the skin and hair, aiding in damage healing. Using beard oil together with beard wash is recommended, as they work together in a way that's similar to a leave-in conditioner.

To sum up, it's crucial to carefully check the ingredients of your beard wash before making a purchase, as harsh chemicals can cause skin irritation. Opt for a gentle shampoo made of organic ingredients, and select a shampoo or conditioner that's suitable for your hair type to achieve optimal results. Don't forget to use beard oils to support beard strength and growth, as well as to improve its appearance and moisturize the skin and hair. Using beard oil together with beard wash can work wonders for your beard and function like a leave-in conditioner.

Having a beard is an important part of a man's identity and can distinguish them from others. However, it requires maintenance and care to keep it looking great. A great-looking beard demands effort and a good grooming kit with high-quality products. It's important to strike a balance between cleansing and being destructive while maintaining a clean beard. Using shampoo not made for beards is not recommended, as it can be detrimental to your overall look and personality as a man. #facewash #beardwash #mensgrooming

You can rely on Oxylux to provide your beards with the ideal care and treatment they deserve for all of the reasons mentioned above. Our brand's variety of beard care products will have you coming back time and time again. Your requirements and preferences have been taken into account when creating each formula. Trust us with your grooming and care; your beard will appreciate it.

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