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Updated: Feb 8


It's the third month of 2023! Hope you are reaching your yearly goals. We are excited to Launch the Lux Access Blog this month; we will be covering challenges and issues for men's grooming, and overall wellness.

Your appearance makes a statement before you do, and in almost all cases, it determines how you will be addressed. It is a societal construct that has been the norm for ages. Have you ever been in a situation where you’re given VIP treatment just based on how you look? That’s your appearance doing the work for you.

"First impressions are everything" - Robert Parish

About Oxylux; OXYLUX® is a men’s grooming and wellness company founded in 2021, focused on our passion that man’s personal and self care are always being looked after. All products are vegan and made from a natural source. We're here to help you to get your grooming game on track with high-quality products and everything you need to create beard envy, and grooming to the next level. Our products are paraben free, vegan, natural, and never tested on animals. #modernman #oxylux #grooming #selfcare #wellness

What to expect:

We will be covering everything the modern man needs to know:

  • Men's Grooming

  • Personal Care

  • Overall Wellness


Men's grooming refers to the routine and habits that men follow to maintain their personal hygiene and appearance, including skincare, hair care, shaving, and grooming products. It is an essential aspect of self-care and contributes to confidence and overall well-being. In the Lux Access, we will be featuring dos and don'ts, grooming issues, and related partners with exclusive discounts and surprises. #grooming #hair


Personal care involves practices and habits aimed at maintaining hygiene, grooming, and overall physical health. It encompasses activities such as bathing, skin and hair care, oral hygiene, shaving, and exercise. By taking care of their personal well-being, men can feel confident and healthy, both physically and mentally. Lux Access will cover issues related to hygiene, healthy diet and so much more. Events and partnered events will also be organized virtually and in person (BBQ, Basketball, soccer and much more!). #personalcare #exercise #events #fitness


Overall wellness refers to a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being. It encompasses aspects such as healthy eating habits, regular exercise, stress management, good sleep hygiene, and social support. By prioritizing overall wellness, individuals can improve their quality of life, boost their mood and energy, and reduce their risk of chronic health conditions. Lux access will feature common and pain points for overall wellness, and how to manage them. #wellness #stress #exercise #stressmanagement

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